Mission: Turn the world’s music library into a stock market exchange driven by blockchain technology.

THE FLATS – Three Georgia Tech swimmers, Cale Russell, Kyle Barone and Nicole Williams, took home first place at CREATE-X’s fall 2021 Idea to Prototype (I2P) Showcase, held Dec. 6 in the Marcus Nanotechnology Building atrium.

“What an amazing accomplishment for our team. It was awesome to see these Student-Athletes thrive in a real-world experience,” Swimming and Diving Head Coach Courtney Shealy Hart said. “When a swimmer or diver chooses Georgia Tech, they are not just choosing a team, but they are availing themselves of a myriad of opportunities that our Institute provides. We are very proud of Nicole, Kyle and Cale for this accomplishment.”

The showcase is the culmination of a semester’s work where student inventors can turn their idea into a working product. The product the trio came up with is RadioChain.

RadioChain is a blockchain-based music application that turns the world’s music library into a stock market exchange. “Users can invest in their favorite songs and artists instead of investing in companies as stocks. We plan to do this through an innovative token model that will benefit artists and fans alike,” Williams said.  To learn more click the link below…