GT Student STARTUPS - Create-X

Georgia Tech has multiple initiatives to instill entrepreneurial confidence in students and empower them to launch successful startups.  This includes GT’s Create-X and Capstone programs  

GT Athletics supports the various GT student startup programs and provides a variety of mentoring, feedback, input, collaboration, advice, and even investment with select “athletic” related startups.  GT athletics’ involvement can help the startup to confidently pursue entrepreneurial opportunities, and in some case provide GT athletics with innovative technology and solutions to differentiate and improve our team and individual athletic performance.  

Here are a few recent GT based startups involving “athletics”:

LZRD Tech - compression sleeves with grip enhancing technology within the inner hemisphere of the sleeve, generating friction, and helping the user carry whatever may be in their arms (ex: footballs).  Side note:  Piloting with GT football.  GTAA is an investment partner. 

EZPT - A.I. / Computer Vision Powered Rehabilitation Software for People with Injuries.  Side note:  Piloted EZPT with GTAA Sports Medicine.

Swolytics - Tracks your workouts (weights, reps, and sets) while also providing challenges, achievements, and competitions along the way  Side note:  Piloting idea with GT Softball.  Looking into GT swimming spin-off idea.

BarMobil - S10-Modular power rack attachment to adjust bar height without unloading weight.  Side note:  Piloting prototype with GT Volleyball weight room.

StrideLink - affordable gait analysis wearable.  Tracks foot/walking for analysis/feedback.  Side note:  StrideLink met with GT Sports Med and PT.

SwellTech – monitor joint swelling to improve patient's wellness.  Side note:  Research conducted with GTAA teams. 

RESOMA – hand/arm device that collects reliable and accurate data for a variety of upper limb exercises and recovery.  Real time feedback to PT and patient.  Side note:  Connected with GT baseball Sports Med. for feedback.

Brainsteam Tutoring - An online group tutoring platform that allows students affordable tutoring while providing higher wages for tutors.  Side note:  used by GTAA academics for student athletes.

PACE –Virtual personalized Trainer (capstone winner).  Side note:  Met with GTAA Innovation.  Introduced Track idea.