Hack Challenges

For the fourth year in a row, GT Athletics participated in a Sports Innovation Hackathon. [A Hackathon is a design sprint-like event; often, in which computer programmers, engineers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts, and others collaborate intensively (~36 hours straight) on specific challenges.]

GT Athletics presented students with 2 BASEBALL challenges. 1) Computer Vision Challenge, 2) 3D Visualization.  Check out the challenges and see what the student teams did in just 36 hours.  Wow!

HackBall     https://devpost.com/software/gt-baseball-strategy-visualization-and-optimization?ref_content=user-portfolio&ref_feature=in_progress  

Batlytics     https://devpost.com/software/batlytics  

GT Athletics once again partnered with the Data Science at GT Club, our largest community of student data scientists, to manage the Hack.  https://hacklytics.io/  

GT Athletics is continuing to work with these 2 student teams to build out their project for use within our program.  Be on the lookout for future Hackathons as we continue to leverage innovation and technology as a differentiator for Georgia Tech athletics.